A recent analysis of seven studies concluded that the use of probiotic supplements for premies was associated with a 57% reduction in the risk of Candida infection, and there was some evidence that probiotics may also reduce the risk of fungal sepsis. (Fructo means "fruit," and an oligosaccharide is a type of carbohydrate.) Consumers and health care practitioners should request clinical research evidence from the manufacturer of a given probiotic product marketed for this indication that substantiates this claim. Another 2020 study found that combining a prescription antifungal medication — such as fluconazole (Diflucan) — with probiotic vaginal suppositories made the antifungal more effective. You’ve probably heard that foods like yogurt and kombucha are beneficial to your gut because they contain probiotics.

There is evidence in the medical literature that probiotics can decrease the risk of candida overgrowth (Drisko 2020, Payne 2020, Kopp-Hoolihan 2020, Lykova 2020). For this a combination of Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12® and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) might be advisable. Once it has taken hold, Candida can then be a challenge to manage and overcome. Bad bacteria are the reason germs and diseases spread, and why we have antibiotics and vaccines.

The vagina is home to numerous beneficial microbes, which keep pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes, including Candida, in check. While probiotics are generally thought to be safe, clinicians say yeast infection home remedies aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and may be costly, ineffective and carry risks that aren’t fully understood or appreciated. Lay down while inserting the applicator and releasing all of the yogurt into your vagina. Probiotic bacteria in the management of atopic disease: Yoghurt with Bifidobacterium longum reduces erythromycin-induced gastrointestinal effects. How long does a yeast infection last?, your symptoms may be caused by another condition. This means that the majority will end up in your gut, no matter what time of day you take them.

Antibiotics affect many residential symbiotic bacteria and not just pathogenic bacteria.

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“Alcohol should also be avoided, especially wine, beer, and high-sugar mixed drinks,” she says. Schwenger EM, Tejani AM, Loewen PS. Odor, discharge, or other factors associated with infection should be monitored. 24 early pregnancy symptoms & signs: am i pregnant? or is it pms? There are many different strains of Lactobacilli, and they are not all equal.

  • Moreover, the majority of women who have vaginal yeast also carry the organism in the gut.
  • Candida overgrowth can lead to serious health problems, many of which can be prevented using probiotics.
  • If rings a bell, you might want to know how to stop recurring BV infections permanently or how to get rid of BV without antibiotics.
  • Initial candida and yeast infection treatment.
  • Probiotics may also help prevent or treat acute infectious diarrhea in children and adults.
  • This impressive 12-strain formula provides 54 billion live Lactobacillus cultures and 36 billion live Bifidobacteria to help restore the normal, healthy balance of these organisms in the genitourinary tract.

Probiotic Supplements For Yeast Infections: The 4 Factors That Matter

While more research is needed there appears to be little harm in taking acidophilus. However, one of the best places to start for many women is with a probiotic made specifically for women’s vaginal health. The top 6 antifungal essential oils for killing candida & yeast. MacDorman MF, Gregory EC. These are part of the flora in the body and can be used as a vaginal health probiotic if needed. In one study, a mix of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and other probiotics strains was given to patients who were treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics.

J Clin Microbiol. 44,46,73,74,100-101 However, a 6-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial found no long-term benefit. Only recently have scientists discovered that garlic’s little bulbs are packed with antioxidants, so eating plenty of garlic should also help keep your immune system running at full steam. Yogurt has long been used as a remedy for infections of the vagina and now scientific studies confirm that yogurt probiotics as well as probiotic supplements can help reduce bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC)2. The effectiveness of lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic for yeast infections was suggested by research (source). Effect of 8 week intake of probiotic milk products on risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Yeast infections happen when there’s an overgrowth of fungus called Candida. Oral probiotics are usually preferred over probiotic suppository or other methods involving inserting probiotics for yeast infection into the vagina. The symptoms of vaginal bacterial overgrowth can include a fish-like odor, an unusual watery white, greenish, or gray vaginal discharge, and the need to urinate frequently. In some cases, probiotics can be a great natural alternative to using medication for these different problems that arise.

What Are Probiotics?

Unfortunately, as with antibiotic resistance, antifungal resistance is an increasing problem. Typically, this only happens if your overgrowth of Candida is not treated in good time. Hatakka K, Blomgren K, Pohjavuori S, et al. Effect of a dietary supplement containing probiotic bacteria plus vitamins and minerals on common cold infections and cellular immune parameters. Another more recent review of 63 trials involving over 8,000 people (mainly infants and children) found that probiotics reduced how long the episode of diarrhea lasted. This is definitely a strain to look for when you find yourself needing to ward off a yeast infection. 79,136 Similar evidence supports the use of Lactobacillus rhamnosus , 153 as well as a special, nonpathogenic form of E. 2020;10(Suppl 1):

Shornikova AV, Casas IA, Mykkanen H, et al. Richelsen B, Kristensen K, Pedersen SB. The top 6 antifungal essential oils for killing candida & yeast. Nobaek S, Johansson M-L, Molin G, et al. Giovannini M, Agostoni C, Riva E, et al. The yeasts grow out of control when something — such as antibiotics, hormones, pregnancy, or health issues, like diabetes and HIV or AIDS — disrupts that delicate balance. Randomised clinical trial: Bifidobacterium breve was shown in published human studies to promote a healthy intestinal flora (source). For more on the gut brain connection, see John’s post on probiotics for mental health.

Will probiotics kill candida? Treating yeast infections naturally is generally very effective for mild to moderate infections, great for preventing them from recurring and is safe. ” Or maybe they come in because they say, “Well, sex is all of a sudden really painful. One study showed that treatment with nitroimidazole followed by 21 days of intravaginal boric acid suppositories (600 mg) and then, if in remission, metronidazole gel twice weekly for 16 weeks. A word of warning:

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Other health conditions thought to have their basis in Candida overgrowth are chronic fatigue syndrome, acne/eczema, headaches, mental disorders such as anxiety, confusion and ‘foggy brain’ and many other chronic health complaints. Probiotic use in children. You have the right amount of so-and-so bacteria. Recent studies suggest that this might be more effective than experts originally thought. Ingestion of yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus as prophylaxis for candidal vaginitis.

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Bouhnik Y, Raskine L, Champion K, et al. Your vaginal microbiome isn’t typically anything to think about…until you get a yeast infection. Efficacy and safety of saccharomyces boulardii in the 14-day triple anti-helicobacter pylori therapy: But if you are following the Standard American Diet and have ever taken an antibiotic, your intestinal immune system has been altered and weakened. In one study , half the members of a small group of women with BV were given antibiotics for 7 days, while the other half were given antibiotics with a probiotic or placebo for 30 days. Probiotic supplements often contain specific strains of microorganisms to fit your needs.

Can Perimenopause Cause Yeast Infections?

Supported by Science Toggle description There’s sound science for the value of this concept and the promise of more evidence to come soon that may prove its impact. Certain strains of probiotics may restore balance to the to the intestinal tract, which can help with overall immunity. Definition of a type of abnormal vaginal flora that is distinct from bacterial vaginosis: Research which strains would be the most advantageous to you personally and then select the probiotic that has the greatest proportion of these different species.

However, when the vagina has certain favorable conditions, the amount of Candida albicans increases, leading to a yeast infection. For that reason, prevention is the best option, and you can start with that yogurt in the refrigerator. Bacillus subtilis was shown in studies to have antifungal and anti-candida properties (source). You may have a different type of infection or need a prescription antifungal medication, such as fluconazole. Lactobacillus is one type of probiotic used to restore the normal balance in the vagina. Latero-Flora is our preferred choice of probiotics during the initial yeast infection and candida treatment (week 1-4). Open search, signs of Bacterial Vaginosis generally include a grayish white vaginal discharge, a bothersome "fishy odor" and elevated pH. 189 For one probiotic strain, L. 2020 Mar;21(2 Pt 2):

(5 pounds) are at risk for a life-threatening intestinal condition called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Bacillus laterosporus (BOD) is a patented probiotic strain that has shown to be very effective on its own against candida yeast, and is best used during the initial yeast infection treatment, where the preference is to focus on a single probiotic strain that can target candida-yeast very effectively on one hand, but that also does it in a very gentle and safe way. Best product : When compared to placebo or no treatment, probiotics were associated with fewer cases of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), less risk of VAP, and other serious complications resulting from infection. Now if your missing entire species, you would be surprised how common this is, you should take a probiotic forever or do a fecal matter transplant. This could spell big trouble for you if you are allergic to them, if you suffer from conditions such as celiac disease, or if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

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The infants in the L. Pillai A, et al. Acidophilus and related probiotics not only help the digestive tract function, they also reduce the presence of less healthful organisms by competing with them for the limited space available. Am J Clin Dermatol.

In addition to this, the side effects of antibiotics (such as yeast infections) can often make antibiotics seem not worth it. A So here’s the problem: “This falls into the category of ‘works for some people’,” Dr. Falagas ME, Betsi GI, Athanasiou S. They do not contain the same strains of Lactobacillus as mentioned above, and thus may not be as effective for BV.

Common causes of yeast infections include a number of underlying risk factors such as immune system disorders, an excess intake of antibiotics (prescribed or in food), uncontrolled high blood sugar/diabetes, hormonal changes like during pregnancy, use of vaginal sprays, consuming birth control with high doses of estrogen, and sometimes even through sexual intercourse. These sugars can come in many different forms, like sugar, sucralose, maltodextrin, and more. Numerous factors may upset the delicate balance of friendly microflora. And whenever there is an imbalance in that microbiome—meaning you have an overgrowth of one type of your normal bacteria or fungi, which can happen for many different reasons—you may get a naturally occurring vaginal infection. Martinez RC, Franceschini SA, Patta MC, et al.

Treating Yeast Infections, Naturally

Clinical evaluation of the addition of lyophilized, heat-killed Lactobacillus acidophilus LB to oral rehydration therapy in the treatment of acute diarrhea in children. Henker J, Laass MW, Blokhin BM, et al. I'm really glad you asked this question, because antibiotics are some of the most commonly prescribed medications, and for women, taking antibiotics can definitely lead to yeast infections. They also displace and kill bad bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. “Specific to women, some strains of Lactobacillus have been shown to help prevent and treat bacterial vaginosis and vulvovaginal candidiasis,” says Hannah Holscher, PhD, a registered dietitian and director of the University of Illinois Nutrition and Human Microbiome Laboratory in Urbana, IL.

  • STP4 is manufactured under a HACCP and ISO 22020 certified manufacturing plant.
  • In order to get yeast infections and candida, many of these bacteria are gone.
  • Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that I receive compensation when you buy from these vendors.
  • They make up our gut flora and a woman’s vaginal flora.
  • Rahimi R, Nikfar S, Rahimi F, et al.
  • And we start to see yeast infections more often.
  • A randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of lactobacillus GG in infantile diarrhea.

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In addition, you are less likely to suffer from infections after gynecological surgery like an abortion or hysterectomy if you treat BV prior to surgery. McGee RG, Bakens A, Wiley K, Riordan SM, Webster AC. 10 Vaginal microbiotas dominated by L crispatus, L gasseri, or L jensenii are typically associated with health, whereas those dominated by L iners are less stable and more likely to transition to a dysbiotic state. This comprehensive probiotic-based capsule contains 50 Billition CFU and 7 different strains. Clinical studies have shown that bacteria of the genus when consumed orally everyday are effective at establishing and maintain healthy vaginal microflora. Aiding and enhancing the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system is one of the most effective things you can do for your well-being. You can find her at LizsHealthyTable.

Probiotic Side Effects and Your Digestive Health

“Getting these helpful micro-organisms from the diet rather than supplement products brings no risk and that’s why I recommend focusing on diet rather than pills. What helps a yeast infection? gynecologist dr. jen gunter warns about natural remedies. More often than not, probiotics are associated with digestive health. ” There’s no test that says, “Yes. Dweck says they're likely to be most beneficial for women who are dealing with persistent, recurrent yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

The conclusion of the study was that more studies are needed (source). 2020 Nov 9;11: Probiotics can be used as a way of treating and managing vaginal health. Int J Clin Pract. And, finally, if you’re plagued by a yeast infection in your skin, take a look at where this occurs. Cranberries have astonishing benefits that can help naturally prevent and heal yeast infections along with other vaginal infections. 5 crucial steps to heal candida naturally, a precautionary measure, which must be observed in all cases of fasting, is the complete emptying of the bowels at the beginning of the fast by enema. Addressing the root causes actually improves your health and the infections stop recurring as a positive ‘side effect.

The drop-down list of best practices for prevention is readily available at the forefront of your mind, because we all know the discomfort and anxiety of when something just isn’t right down there. This gives the probiotic bacteria a greater chance to survive all the way down to your gut. However you may find that sufferers don't need to reach 6 capsules a day, and that 3-4 work fine to reduce symptoms. But besides your stomach and your skin, your vagina may also benefit from a dose of these good bacteria. Treating infant colic with the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri : It is important that this yogurt includes no natural sweeteners. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of Lactobacillus GG for abdominal pain disorders in children.

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Currently, antibiotics remain the recommended treatment for these conditions. A high-quality probiotic can boost the state of your gut with the good bacteria that you need to keep the bad ones in check. You only need to activate your account once. You can also apply yogurt to your vulva, which is the outer part of your vagina, to relieve itching and burning. When they are introduced into a weakened and imbalanced microbiome, they grow fast and have the potential to result in an overgrowth of their own. Many probiotics require refrigeration.

Probiotics for children with diarrhea: In my practice I even use this approach during pregnancy. The water-based enteric coated vegetable capsule help protect the flora from stomach acid, so the organisms get to where they are needed. These substances include hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), bacteriocins, and other low molecular weight substances. Probiotic strains like L. So how exactly does this beneficial bacteria operate?

Probiotics To Prevent Yeast Infection

Probiotics in infants for prevention of allergic disease and food hypersensitivity. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. For this reason, fermented foods are usually not recommended for people with candida and yeast infection issues, or with increased food sensitivities. These conditions can be incredibly uncomfortable, and a way to treat - or even prevent - bacterial and yeast overgrowth is a top concern of those suffering. “This is not implying bad hygiene or anything like that,” she explains. Ford AC, Quigley EM, et al. Probiotics, beneficial living bacteria, have gotten a lot of press. However, sometimes the balance shifts and the bad bacteria outnumber the good:

The Importance of Cranberry Powder Prebiotic

J Pediatr Health Care. However, in those with a healthy diet such as in indigenous African tribes, it flourishes. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. Very effective against candida yeast, safe, support digestive issues, highly stable. A common issue with many probiotic products is that they are either not strong enough, or that they do not meet their label claim. It is used in probiotics to help prevent and fight the growth of harmful bacteria. Probiotics might be useful for people with ulcerative colitis who have had part or all of the colon removed. Probiotic supplements are widely recommended for this proposed condition because they establish large, healthy populations of friendly bacteria that compete with the candida that is trying to take up residence.

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Acidophilus might play a role in reducing the number and severity of respiratory infections children experience. Tankanow RM, Ross MB, Ertel IJ, et al. Lung infections.

Effect of Lactobacillus F19 on the emergence of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms in the intestinal microflora. Yeast thrives in humid conditions, which is why vaginal infections are a common occurrence during the hotter months of summer. To treat or prevent vaginal infections, mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt or the contents of a couple of capsules of acidophilus with warm water and use as a douche. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection and affects almost 1 in 3 women. Vaginal yeast infections are inconvenient, potentially embarrassing, and surprisingly common. Prebiotics are much like probiotics.

The typical dose of S. — Liz Weiss, MS, RDN, is the voice behind the Liz’s Healthy Table podcast and blog. The underlying problem becomes a balance of good and bad bacteria because when there are no friendly bacteria the pathogens can cause a wide range of diseases and infections. While any woman can have bacterial overgrowth, it is most often seen in those of reproductive age, between adolescence and menopause. If the formula includes several of the specific strains from the list above, chances are it will have at least some benefits against yeast infection. Does eating yogurt prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhoea? The remaining 96% are exposed to stomach acid and die before they reach your gut. Bacterial supplementaion in the irritable bowel syndrome.

Why I micro-dose fish oil supplements

You will receive the full benefit of your probiotic, without wasting your time or money. Saavedra JM, Bauman NA, Oung I, et al. Probiotics for patients with hepatic encephalopathy. A 2020 study found similar results in nonpregnant women. “It’s hard to pin it on one particular organism,” Minkin says. In her practice at Stanford, Millheiser focuses on women’s sexual well-being, sexual education, and menopausal health care. This is in contrast to the placebo group (remember, they still got the conventional treatment — 7 days of metronidazole).

Protection from gastrointestinal diseases with the use of probiotics. Fermented cereal with specific bifidobacteria normalizes bowel movements in elderly nursing home residents. McFarland LV, Surawicz CM, Greenberg RN, et al. Fortunately, scientists have identifies specific species of bacteria that are effective at protecting vaginal and intestinal microflora and preventing overgrowth from unfriendly species of yeast and bacteria.

Probiotics have also been studied as possible treatment for liver disease. Probiotics aren't risky, so you can feel free to give them a try. Yeast infections can be stubborn, recurring even after successful treatment with medicines and antifungal creams. Product review: Liu JE, Zhang Y, Zhang J, Dong PL, Chen M, Duan ZP. In other words, the vaginal infection is only one symptom of a larger problem of candida yeast overgrowth in the body. Some experts recommend eating yogurt with live cultures or taking probiotics containing Lactobacillus acidophilus when taking antibiotics to try to prevent a vaginal yeast infection. Probiotics with antibiotics to prevent yeast infections.

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Z Gastroenterol. Women who experienced extreme pain during sex, said they were embarrassed to have any sexual contact, were constantly thinking about how “fishy” they smelled, or worried if they would ever find someone who could love them. 125 women were split into two groups, and of those on the combination of probiotics and metronidazole, 88% were cured at the 30-day follow up.

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To starve the troublemakers, make a conscious effort to cut back. More recently, health experts have begun to consider the potential benefits of probiotics on vaginal health. One thing to note here is that researchers believe that treating the sexual partners of those with BV may reduce recurrence rates. The probiotic formulation might also reduce the occurrence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea and C.

Possible side effects from acidophilus include: Inserting probiotic suppository or probiotic pill in vagina may help the yeast infection in the vagina, but it won’t help to balance the infection in other areas in the body. The book “How To Eat, Move and Be Health” by Paul Chek also has GREAT info on a lifestyle that beats candida.

The Best Probiotics for Women

This targeted formula is especially beneficial for those taking antibiotics (antibiotics kill all of our bacteria — good and bad) expectant women or those prone to frequent yeast infections. They do a job while you take them but they also act like a decoy of sorts so the bacteria you do have can repopulate on their own. 11 Standard treatment for the common Candida yeast infection (technically called vulvovaginal candidiasis) calls for antifungal therapy, either with an oral agent, such as itraconazole or fluconazole,12 or a more cumbersome vaginal cream or suppository, which may require multiple applications. One capsule contains not less than 9. Thrush in pregnancy, a study done in 2020 showed that vinegar had antifungal properties against Candida species. That's why I recommend to some of my patients. Vanderhoof JA, Whitney DB, Antonson DL, Hanner TL, Lupo JV, Young RJ. Refrigerate until firm. Yet again, she emphasizes that there is not a lot of data on this topic, so we’re not sure if it works.

Continue with the probiotics during the time you are taking the antibiotics and for 1-2 weeks after. In a study of 120 women with BV, 60 women were given 500 mg capsules of garlic and 60 women were given the standard treatment of metronidazole. Yeast infections can be triggered by the things we consume. For example, an adult woman may not see the same health benefits of a probiotic strain that was shown to improve a health outcome in infants. Plus, the 1,600+ five-star reviews speak for themselves. Lactobacillus reuteri as a therapeutic agent in acute diarrhea in young children. Probiotic treatment of vancomycin-resistant enterococci:

Therapeutic effects of Saccharomyces boulardii on mild residual symptoms in a stable phase of Crohn's disease with special respect to chronic diarrhea—a pilot study. FTC Disclaimer: (Our articles are researched by clinical nutritionists and contain citations at the end of the page.) 219 This review included many different strains of probiotics (eg, Lactobacilli , Lactococcus , Bifidobacterium ), which were used alone or in combination. 2020 May;8(2):

Avoid Antibiotics When Possible

Because probiotics are not drugs, but rather living organisms that you are trying to transplant to your digestive tract, it is necessary to take the treatment regularly. Because of this fact, one of the most common natural remedies for yeast infections has long involved restoring the vagina's population of friendly bacteria, especially Lactobacillus acidophilus, by using yogurt or probiotics. (Not all probiotics are vegan or dairy-free.) Not to mention, uncomfortable. Probiotics are microscopic organisms that help maintain the natural balance of organisms within the body.

Do Probiotic Bacteria Really Repopulate the Gut?

Dingens AS, Fairfortune TS, Reed S, Mitchell C. A placebo-controlled trial. A review of 9 randomized trials with 735 patients found that probiotics did not prevent recurrent UTIs in adults and children any better than no therapy, placebo, or other preventive methods.

For gastrointestinal issues: Metagenics UltraFlora Intensive Care

It’s just if you look at the location of the vagina and the anus, they are truly right next to each other. The key is for the good bacteria to solidly outnumber the bad ones. But it’s important to know which strains are the most effective for treating Candida so that you can find the right supplement. 63% of women who received the garlic were successful in their treatment, while 48% were successful in the metronidazole group. These vagina-specific fungal infections (See? )Women who have not had sex rarely have BV. Kirjavainen PV, Salminen SJ, Isolauri E.

Another excellent one-a-day probiotic option, which doesn’t require refrigeration, is Garden of Life Dr. Yet if the conditions that make one vulnerable to these pathogens are not corrected, these organisms too often return. Lactobacilli products require refrigeration for optimal potency. One clinical trial found that a probiotic capsule containing Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Gasseri combined with an antifungal medication helped provide a long-term cure against recurrent yeast infections. Effects of Probiotic Lactobacillus casei DN-114 001 in prevention of radiation-induced diarrhea: ION The Effect of Nutritional Therapy for Yeast Infection (Candidiasis) in Cases of Chronic Fatigue SyndromeJournal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. Share on Pinterest Consuming probiotics has become a popular way to improve digestive health.

Do They Actually Work?

A total number of 80 pregnant women (second and third trimester pregnancy) will be recruited for this study. It feels great to be candida free and not having burning toes, jock itch or the other candida symptoms! More recently, a 2020 article in the journal Diabetes Care found that boric acid vaginal suppositories were more effective against C. 2020;335(7610): Very few of us in Western populations have a significant population of L. I am on antibiotics (Clindamycin) to clear up an infected tooth before having a root canal. This is very soothing to irritated tissue and also has probiotics – so you’re getting extra benefit. That’s because excess body weight and tight clothing create these ideal sweaty and moist conditions for Candida overgrowth.

Immunosuppression. So proper management of diabetes – for those with the chronic condition – is important, as well as talking with your doctor about other ways to lower your risk. When this stability is upset by stress, antibiotics, alcohol, or by your diet, then gut dysbiosis can occur. The typical rate of yeast carriage varies among populations and increases both after puberty and during pregnancy, which suggests an important role for pregnancy in cases of vaginal candidiasis.

This is especially important when the thrush is caused by a systemic candida overgrowth infection in the body. Candida infection: thrush, thrush in otherwise healthy children is not unusual, but in adults it may signal a weakened immune system, possibly caused by cancer, diabetes, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. These science-backed probiotic capsules are formulated with a potent blend of probiotc cultures, along with urogential ingredients to promote better digestion, immunity, a balanced vaginal flora and a healthy urinary tract. Another study also yielded marginal results, 139 and a third study involving only lactobacillus found no benefit at all for the prevention of eczema. To use the yogurt, remove a cotton tampon from its applicator and refill the applicator with yogurt. Finding a probiotic specifically formulated for women can be the perfect place to start when treating a yeast infection naturally.